To Reflect and Rebirth

Traits The Youth Lacks That Stops Them From Progress

A lot of the possible traits the youth lacks tie in together to the overall theme of what we see as an underachieving youth. At the same time , we have to consider that there is youth that is very hardworking and dedicated to the dreams and ambitions but because of majority it seems we lack a few things as a whole.

Today some lack:

Gratitude—Being thankful for what you have, the people who give it to you, and everything in your life isn’t seen often enough.

Showing gratitude extends into many parts of life and generally will improve your life. It also pushes you to make better use of your time and try harder with the things you are given.

Thinking—Most lack the foresight to look ahead at what life might be like and what should matter to them most in the future.

Hard Work— it is surprising how many of the youth who have big dreams don’t take any steps towards those dreams and vice versa. The youth is good at talking the talk but few have take actionable steps towards the goals that they state.

One reason is many do not know how. What they don’t know is that the people who make progress did not know how to when they started; these people tried many things and sometimes made progress and other times (most times) failed to accomplish anything. It is through figuring out what doesn’t work that we find what does work. This is hard work, going forward into difficult tasks and not knowing if they are the tasks that lead to your goal.

It’s unfair to say that the youth of today lack certain traits that other generations claim to have had because all of this is a generalization and is very untrue. Each generation has traits that they lack.

Job experience - knowing how to hold down a job and even manage a career for 40 years of your life correctly.

Accounting - paying all bills of the house and being able to put the rest into proper investments.

Sacrifice - knowing what to give up and when; knowing when to say No.

Being a Leader - knowing how to lead your family and others to achieve success and overcome obstacles.

Alcohol / Drugs - Knowing when enough is enough and how to drink and smoke responsibly.

The list goes on… also, there are things that no one can know until you go through them yourself. You can’t read a book on how to ride a bike; life lessons.

Everyone goes through certain stages in life that are each meant to either teach us a lesson or mistake. These are things that we should learn from and should grow from as individuals. Its just up to us how we can move on and grow from them in order to have order in our lives.

Growth is important.