To Reflect and Rebirth

Meet Cheesy Moscow

Meet Moses Pseudonym Sibeyi known as Cheezy Moscow born in 1998 from Bela Bela and grew up in a farm in Naboomspruit in a town named Nooigedagh. He grew up and lived with his single Mom who worked on the farm as a housekeeper. Because of his background the only entertainment he knew was listening to the radio with his mother and that's where the love for music grew.

The owners of the farm only came to South Africa once a year. The farm owners slowly became his guardians because they did everything for him and took him with them everywhere they went besides overseas.

His mom got sick when he was in second grade and that changed how he viewed life as a whole. He also started spending less time with his mother because she easily shed tears and that made him feel sad and broken. He was then taken in by the farm owners which his mother worked for and only saw his family on occasional weekends.

Most of his time was spent on music, music used to bring him so much joy and peace. He listened to the likes of Eminem who inspired him because he always spoke about his problems through his music and he found that inspiring and empowering.

One day he met a friend while playing soccer and the became very close friends almost as good as brothers. Jimmy and Moscow had the same taste in music and this trait brought them closer together. I met a friend Jimmy while playing soccer and we became best friends cuz we had the same taste in music.

He convinced him that he has got what it takes to be an artist and finally a few friends and himself recorded a freestyle which was mind blowing and that was when he started calling himself Cheezy Moscow. They then formed a group called The Underdogs which included other artists like Jimmy(Mistry Ink) and Joseph(G.I Joe) unfortunately the group fell apart due to lack of communication.

After a few months he got the opportunity to record his first single which was popular in the township and that's when people started recognizing him as an artist with great potential.

So far he has dropped Salaminah featuring an upcoming artist called UncleSam and this song was very popular and received well by the public

In 2018 they then decided to form their own group called "Dope Beats". Its been a tough journey for them and they want nothing but to have a bigger audience for their music. They are still promoting their music on all their social media platforms.

We wish them nothing but the best in their journey to stardom, know that hard-work, patience and ambition always pays off.

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