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What May Be The Causes Of Kidnappings In S.A

In this article we discuss the possible causes to kidnapping:

Causes of Kidnapping

There are many causes of kidnapping around the globe, including:

Unemployment Poverty Illiteracy Religion Greed Politics Corruption

Below, we'll examine each cause individually.

Unemployment The high unemployment rate in many countries has forced citizens to find other ways to make money—and some of those ways are illegal. Kidnapping a rich person can be a lucrative business. A cash-strapped unemployed person may believe that when he kidnaps someone who is rich, he may be able to become rich himself.

Poverty Any person who lives below R18.75 a day is living below the poverty line. Poverty can propel people toward crime as a way to make ends meet. Sometimes, a person who is poor might believe that kidnapping or other illegal acts could provide the necessary money to start a new life—a life that will no longer involve crime.

Illiteracy Illiteracy is the inability to read or write. When people know how to read and write, they can gain the skills they need in order to become educated, get a job, and live a productive life. Literacy and education can also be an important foundation upon which to build a deeper understanding of moral judgment and decision making.

Religion Many kidnappings in the world today have their root cause in religion. Some people love their religion so much that even when it teaches them something that is wrong, they believe it is right. One religious leader may want to take over another group—and order his men to kidnap his rivals.

Greed Some people are not content with what they have and wish they could buy more and more things—whether it's fancy clothes, cars, houses, or jewelry. This person may turn to crime to make more money. A wicked businessman can kidnap his business rival for a large ransom to become richer.

Politics Corrupt politicians may arrange for the kidnapping of their opponents. Sometimes, they do this so that their opponents will make concessions or change their votes on the issues.

Corruption A society where corruption is rife is likely to experience a high level of kidnapping. The truth is that if a government is corrupt and embezzling public funds, citizens may react by kidnapping those corrupt politicians in an attempt to recoup some of the stolen money.

In the next issue we will discuss the effects of kidnapping on a victim and possible solutions.