To Reflect and Rebirth

Young & Talented Artist

Meet young and talented rapper Sifiso Andrew Mkhabela also known as Drew. He was born and raised in the East part of Johannesburg in Benoni, Daveyton. Home being where the heart is that's how his creative sparked ignited and he uses the inspiration all around him to influence the artistry and creativity. Most of the people he works with are people who offer him support and are also people he has met along the way from the same location.

Growing up Drew has always been a shy kid but he has had a passion for music since he was a kid and took him some time to take initiative to follow through on his dream. Later in grade 11, there was another young producer who goes by the name of Scamu, who approached him because he had heard that Drew was capable of so much as a rapper. Since then they have been working as a team and producing and releasing the best hits.

What role does an artists have in society?

“To be real. Artist are overlooked in the people it looks like people who are wasting they're time or passing ..but they play an important one ..being the influencers to people who ever want to express themselves.”

Why do you do what you you do?

“As cliché as it is I make music because I love music ..but I do it mostly because I understand the power of music and I want to use it's influence to impact masses positively.”

What's the best piece of advice you've ever given?

“Do You”

Professionally, what's your goal?

“To leave a mark in the entertainment industry.”

Is there any other career path you would like to embark on?

“Yes I would like to fall into the fashion industry, get into the business industry and music production.”

Drew's sound is very artistic and creative, you can tell he uses all that is around him to make quality music for the youth and hip hop industry. Soon Drew and Scamu are set to open up their own production company were everything of an artistic manner is catered for. The aim of the company is to open a platform for the youth to showcase their talent and show them a thing or two about the music industry. This duo is definitely a duo to look out for in the entertainment industry.