To Reflect and Rebirth

Journey To Becoming "TeliqueSoul"

Meet upcoming and talented Dj, TeliqueSoul. His knowledge of and interest in music,makes TeliqueSoul the ideal choice when looking for a quality music or deejaying Skills.

Some of the song which helped TeliqueSoul in finding his trademark sound are,Mercy(Original Afro mix),The Avenue (Dance Mix) worked with T-Moxy,Burna Boy-Soke which TeliqueSoul did as an Afro Mix and an Afro Rework of Andyboy's-Emhlabeni and all were released in 2017.

Real name Kerileng ‘Teleki' Mapheto,is a self taught DJ and music producer born in Limpopo-Ga Mphahlele, South Africa.He kick-started his DJ career in 2010 learning by himself and practicing as much skill and technique as possible to absorb. TeliqueSoul remains ever faithful to his Afro House sounds but has continued to reinvent himself over the years.The results of this great sounding rhythms that have,and continue to,set many a dance floor alight.His ongoing evolution proves that he is able to constantly adapt the latest music trends, sounds and techniques.

What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming DJs making?

“The mistake i see a lot of up and coming Djs/Artists making is not investing in their brands,for example: A DJs Producer like myself should invest in quality music because quality beats everything.”

What is it that you love about the scene? Your subgenre's scene?

“What i love about my subgenre is how it connects people,for example: it's just connected Dj Black Coffee (SA) with Usher(USA) who ever thought our very own could work with big Artists like usher? That's the power of my subgenre,it connects souls and that's why i love and respect.”

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

“My advice is that they should invest in their Brands and also focus on growing their fan base because even when Event promoters book an artist/DJ they check how many people are you going to bring to their event, this means you a to need to a great fan base”

TeliqueSoul has played alongside the likes of Da Capo,DJ Ganyane,Uhuru,Kabza De Small,Frank Casino,DJ Shimza,Black Motion,DJ Thakzin,Hypesoul,DJ Zinhle,DJ Maphorisa,Brazo Wa Afrika and Dj ZanD.

Every year on the 21st of December he hosts an Annual One Man Show and it has also been successful for the past two years, this year he is hosting the 3rd Annual One Man Show on the 21st December 2019 in Ga Mphahlele, Mashite @Mama Jane's Place.

TeliqueSoul is a true reflection of the potential that exists with the music industry. It is the combination of his love for music and the determination he has to share this music that sets this apart from the crowd and it is this very quality that keeps him on the minds of all who share his mania for this wonderful thing called music.Expect Great Things For Years To Come!