To Reflect and Rebirth

Hip Hop Brand : Blockk

Introducing the Blockk brand owned by Lungisani Ndlovu and managed by Siphesihle Zondo (But commonly known as SP Tha Geminii), which is a local brand in South Africa that aims to give a platform to talented and upcoming artists.

The Blockk began as a hiphop mixtape series back in 2009 which later evolved into Blockk Sessions (events) in 2011. It started off as a mixtape, whereby they discovered up and coming talent and put them all in a compilation of one CD, that led to them discovering the likes of Zakwe and Beast at the early stages of their career.

It then evolved into a music company that offered Recording and PR services for up and coming talent, while that was all going well we had a bigger vision for Blockk, which led to us having Blockk Apparel*

In 2018, Blockk came back into the seen as a filly fledged business (Recording Studio/Clothing/Events). In 2019 the #blockksnapbackk takes off and the reception has been nothing but amazing.

The music services they offered, gave a platform to Durban talent, a platform that most had to relocate to Johannesburg (the city of Gold) to get they offered there, their vision has always been bigger, not for ourselves only but for the community as well.

Blockk has the finest quality of items embroided with the Blockk logo, Items such as Caps which come in both 2D and 3D embroidery, beanies, sweaters, T-shirts, hoodies and pants.

They hope to see the brand have massive growth, they hope to endorse big artists and be on the same level as all the best and most well known clothing lines around the globe, they are also looking for brand ambassadors with a huge influence.

Instagram : *@Blockk_Apparel* Facebook : Blockk Apparel