To Reflect and Rebirth

Shadow Pain

Meet young and talented artist ,Njabulo Mudau also known as Shadow Pain born in Johannesburg, South Africa, grew up in Tshepisong. His passion for music started at a very early stage of his life from singing along and memorizing songs from local talent. During his teens, he began to write his own lyrics learning and growing his skill through the influences of well known rapper’s music, Eminem.

During these years Shadow would go on to discover more of his many talents such as making his own instrumentals learning his way around sounds and melodies and also learning how to edit videos. Shadow Pain's unlimited creativity also translates to visual arts, sharing his visions through his photography and directing skills.

Shadow also went on to complete his diploma in business management. His music career began with his single that was released in early 2018 titled Blue Moon. The single received good reviews paving way to his six-track EP titled Jimmy Junkie, that was released in March 2018. Later that year he released a five track Ep on the 23rd of November titled Nothing Serious.

His music is exciting and breathtaking. He is noted for his mesmerizing and captivating sound improvisation and emotion evoking lyrics. Shadow is an artist who uses his voice and melodies to evoke heartfelt emotions and to display precision and agility.

Shadow Pain is a very versatile artist who is driven by creativity ! He has grown into a brand by performing in theaters, festivals and events. He continues to perform promoting his music and sharing his art and vision on a much wider scale.