To Reflect and Rebirth

"Trap & Drip Kulture"

Trap&Drip Kulture is a new concept for networking and marketing new and fresh ideas for the youth of South Africa. Hip Hop culture is made up of two sections, The music and The fashion. The event will benefit both sections of the culture and hopefully create a demand for growth in the business environment.

The aim of the event is to acknowledge the Hip Hop movement since its been put on hold by other trending genres.The society will get to experience another type of lifestyle which will also allow people to develop their own fashion trends which they will learn about during the event.

The event will bring people together as there will be good music, good food and great company.

We asked Dj TerryTerry : How do you measure the success of your events and he said , "Seeing my guests having a good time throughout the whole event means my show is very entertaining and people are most likely going to request for another one. That's how I know my show was a success."

The show will be hosted at T's hub in Mahwelereng zone 1 Mokopane by TerryTerry. Entrance is R20 and you can bring your coolerbox for free. The event will start at 18:00pm on the 30th December till the following day in the early morning. People are required to dress up as their favorite Hip Hop/Trap artist of all time.

For more info kindly check out the Facebook page "TerryTerry_Dj" and contact information "0636582843" Mon, 30 Dec at 17:00 - Tuesday, 31 Dec at 02:00 SAST Mokopane Mahwelereng Zone 1 Facebook page