To Reflect and Rebirth

Young Author Muhluri Tlhandleka Sambo

Meet Muhluri Tlhandleka Sambo who is an 18-year-old author. Born in Malamulele Hospital in the year 2001 and was raised in two villages—Gidjamhandeni and Phugwani. Later moved to Soweto in 2004 and began pre-school. In 2015 I began my high school studies at UJMA—University of Johannesburg Metropolitan Academy and I matriculated in 2019 with a Bachelor. He is a sporty teenager who loves soccer and chess.

Muhluri started writing in 2016 and he has written many artistic works which include poetry, songwritting and a published book called Infinite Teen. It took him three years to write Infinite Teen His inspiration was stimulated by his favourite authors like Robin Sharma and Robert Kiyosaki, who used writing to address socio-economic issues, thereafter he was inspired to do the same by becoming a solution maker for his fellow brothers and sisters. There’s just so many unaddressed problems that teenagers go through and they’re insidious problems towards society at large.

He lives in his own world filled with the infinite imagination; this world is the place of construction for his chapters. This young man is also a speaker in this world and plans on changing the lives of the masses. He has learnt that everyone is born as a solution maker, hence God tells us that He knew us before we were born and made us with a purpose to fulfil. That purpose, irrespective of one's background, is the solution that you are bringing unto this world.

His other writing quirk is taking note of every detail that he gets exposed to and also reading a lot of books. Muhluri also does research of that might help him improve his writing skills more.In the next 5-10 years Muhluri sees himslef best-seller of many more books. He also plans on doing social media vlogs—motivational videos—involvement in youth programmes through speaking, Infinite Teen empowerment programmes for teens, Literacy empowerment in disadvantaged communities. He will also try acting in television programmes. He is a very ambitious young man who plans on entering numerous career paths as he is still young and plans to explore his options more.

Muhluri's advise to those who are writers and are aspiring to get their books published is " Firstly, write an extra-ordinary book and then search for local publishers on Google and social media. Make contact with them and discuss the process of publishing with them, and what’s left will be their approval or disapproval of your work, but don’t give up just yet, J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers, keep having faith in The Almighty Lord."

Muhluri is a true example of being able to follow your dreams and accomplish them no matter the age or circumstance. It may take one long to accomplish their dreams but when the time is write then all will fit in.

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