To Reflect and Rebirth

Monaheng Sello Nelson

This is Monaheng Sello Nelson who is from Heidelberg Ratanda in Gauteng. He realised his loe for writing at an early age because he started songwriting and he was advancing his skills into writing. He started writing his first book in 2017 and it took him eight full months to finish it, he was 33 years old at the time. He was inspired by everyone's daily life experiences.

He has written two books, one is yet to be published and he is writing his third book all of them. There are all his favourite books because they come from his heart and the best of his imagination.

Life has inspired him to become something different in life and those who come after him give him courage to become who he is today. He looks up to the likes of Pastor Chris & Joshua Selman and many more.His writing is inspired by his daily experiences and those of others.

In his extra time when he is not writing he tends to go and motivate young children in schools, scratch and around his community. In writing Sello has learnt humility in all his writing. The most suppressing thing he has learnt is love makes all things possible.

In the next five year he aspires to own his very own company and help up and coming authors to live out their dreams and achieving all their goals and ambitions.

Monaheng Sello Nelson is a true inspiration to most because he has believed in himself and he is proof that one should not rush in prospering and one should always aim much higher no matter experience, circumstances and age.