To Reflect and Rebirth

Author of "The Plethora Of Love Paradigms"

Tsholofelo Lena Ngubeni is a 22 year old creative and poetry writer who is based in Vosloorus, Boksburg region where she was born and raised. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Business Management which she competed at Damelin (Pty) Ltd in 2018, and is currently a Marketing Assistant by profession. She writes about romance, personal healing, self discovery & mental growth. Tsholofelo has a debut poetry book which is called The Plethora of Love Paradigms, it was published under The Global Destiny Publishing House in 2018 and is on the above mentioned topics. When she's not writing, she's exploring life at large.

She first realized that she wanted to be a writer at the age of 16, she always kept a journal that she wrote in consistently and wanted it to have meaning and be senseful. After realising her rhyming ability it further sparked more interest in writing poetry and ever since she can't let go. Her writing is influenced by how she feels because she is a very emotional person and she has never known how to express her feelings in her day to day life therefore she puts it all in writing.

Tsholofelo wrote her first book when she was 19 but managed to complete the book early 2018 before it was published. Her inspiration comes from her realization of her ability to write and that inspires her to continue writing more. She looks up to the likes of John Green and one of her favorite books by him is Looking For Alaska. We asked her how does one get their book published and this was her response, "it depends on how you want to go about it. Whether you'd want to be under a publishing house or if you prefer to be self-published are one of the base questions you have to ask yourself.

You then have to have a polished transcript that you will submit. Always be cautious of scammers who may use it for their own use. Should your transcript be accepted, the publisher will assist you with the editing, the title and cover of the book which all depends on the agreement between both parties, along with how the book will be introduced to the market"

We asked Miss Ngubeni what was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books and she said that "From creating my books I learned that people actually go through a lot in their daily lives but they don't know how to express their feelings so they find solace in books like the ones I write."

In the next 5-10 years she wants to write and publish more books under her own publishing house and aims on becoming a marketing executive. Miss Tsholofelo Lena Ngubeni is a true inspiration because she aims to become all that she aspires to be and she is not boxed on embarking on one journey and sets her mind to it. We hope to see more of her books online and on on our bookshelves and not only in South Africa but internationally.