To Reflect and Rebirth


Meet young and talented photographer Ntokozo Thando Maseko who was born in Johannesburg in 1999. She studied photography at the Market Photo Workshop, South Africa, studying the Foundation Course (2018) and Intermediate Course (2019). Her photography focuses on telling the daily stories she encounters in spaces she finds herself within. She has also grown interest for portraiture and fashion because of her love for people.

She has always had a passion for photography. It all started when she would always want to photograph the little things that interested her and that when she knew she could tel her stories through her photography. Her photography style is simple. She focuses on what she wants to focus on. She always goes for simplicity in most of her work as it just comes natural to her. That's how she got interested by certain structures, people,colours and light because she chooses to look and see.

One of her favorite pieces from her work has to be one of a mother praying out loud next to a son under a bridge in Johannesburg, a picture she took during a drug outreach hosted by an organization she is involved in. It's her favorite because it speaks about the crisis of drug use in our country (South Africa).

One of her career goals is to travel the world and meet new people that she can learn from in so many aspects. Ntokozo wants to grow big in the arts industry so that she can make the impact in the world she hopes to make.

We asked her what photography means to her and she said, "Photography to me, means allowing myself to be. If it wasn't for photography, I don't think I would be. Photography means a lot of things to me but it also means painting with light. The light I aim to become."

Ntokozo's work is mostly influenced by Sabelo Mlangeni who is a South African Photographer and he is one of the people she looks up to the most when it comes to being a photographer and she aims to be as influential as he is.

We asked her what the most difficult part of being a photographer is and she said that, "for me, it really has to be being intentional with all you do. It's hard having to know why you are doing what you are doing but it's also allowing me to learn to be intentional when creating."

In the next five years she aims to have traveled different parts of the world showing her work and educating the meaning around it. She would also love to own a creative hub by using it to educate and empower our own withing the arts industry. She also aims to start a photography company whereby the main aim behind it would be to create more jobs for the youth embarking on the same journey.