To Reflect and Rebirth

"I don't wait for opportunities, I create them"

This is Livhuwani Jerry Ndou who is an agent of change. He is a very opinionated, goal driven, young and passionate entrepreneur. Livhuwani realised he has a passion for entrepreneurship back in high school, he would borrow his friends money and add interest when the money is given back. He later mastered what we call the study of "Gapiology" so he decided to span the gap and create a niche market.

Livhuwani looks up to the likes of Marcus Garvey who established massive black businesses and created thousands of jobs for black people. Marcus Garvey's enterprise of not but limited to : a chain of grocery stores ,restaurants , tailor shops , steam laundry etc ( clothing ,fashion , accessories ,hats etc ) .It was inclusively Africans who had shares in his businesses.

Just like Mr. Garvey , Livhuwani helps other entrepreneurs through our campaign of advertising, other business for free for the to get traction since this pandemic has started and also providing them information to funding institutions and how to be funder ready.

We asked him what have been one of the most challenging factors of being an entrepreneur and he said, "one of the challenges we faced is getting reliable suppliers and strategic partners".

In the next five years he aims to have ownership of three factories and have the capability of being able to employ more than 500 people. Changing the narrative of township businesses.