To Reflect and Rebirth

"Freedom and equality are foundational values that we draw upon when envisioning a better society. Equality of opportunity is a social ideal that combines concern with freedom and equality, and this social ideal provides a vision of how we ought to live together."


Career Planning

Spend time mapping out your job and career path since the last time you did any sort of career planning. Once you’ve mapped your past, take the time to reflect on your course — and note why it looks the way it does. Are you happy with your path? Could you have done things better? What might you have done differently? What can you do differently in the future? •Reflect on Your Likes and Dislikes, Needs and Wants.

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Make Note of Your Past Accomplishments

• Look Beyond Your Current Job for Transferable Skills • Review Career and Job Trends • Set Career and Job Goals • Explore New Education/Training Opportunities • Research Further Career/Job Advancement Opportunities •Final Thoughts on Career Planning Don’t wait too long between career planning sessions. Career planning can have multiple benefits, from goal-setting to career change, to a more successful life.

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Pace yourself

Find the best speed for you to study and adjust accordingly. Some concepts or classes will come to you more naturally, so you can study those more quickly. Other things may take you twice as long. Take the time you need and study at the pace you feel comfortable. If you study more slowly, remember that you will need more time to study.

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Get Enough Sleep

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Opportunities Search


If you’ve got a lot on your mind, take a moment to write yourself some notes about what you're thinking about and how you feel before you start studying. This will help to clear your mind and focus all your thoughts on your work.